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Mowing Guidelines

          The following Mowing Guidelines are in effect for the months of March - November (adopted in 2019).  Properties should be mowed by the first weekend of each month.


          Property inspections will be held the week after first weekend of each month in which properties are expected to be mowed. If a property is overgrown (grass or weeds above 6 inches), has any patches not mowed or does not completely mow the property in its entirety (lake lots on Red Shadow must mow the slope) an assessment will be assessed to the property owner for a forced mow by the Association.

Forced Mow Assessment

1st Force Mow 180.00

2nd Forced Mow 200.00

3rd Forced Mow 250.00

4th Forced Mow 300.00

5th Force Mow 350.00

6th Force Mow 400.00

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