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Building a community
Hockley, Texas 

25805 Jack Rd, Hockley, TX 77447 


Step inside and
view the possibilities
of your home.

A private community where you can build your dream home.

We can't wait
to meet you.

Welcome to Rocky Creek Estates. Our community is growing every day. We are excited to share what the future brings to our community.

Start your dream
home here.

Enjoy personalizing your own home and build your vision of the future.


The generations of community in our area make for a peaceful home and tranquility. 

Guidelines to keep up the community.

It's important that our community have guidelines, to keep everyone sharing the pride in the beauty of the neighborhood. 

Family Community

Welcome to the Rocky Creek Estates community. Our residential development is spreading its wings with new homes in the quiet city of Hockley, Texas. Our boundaries are just over 92 acres and we welcome new families to come and join our community and add to its beauty.

Rocky Creek Estates is about family and its community, we want you to build your dream. 

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Welcome to the 
community, come
build with us.


Our community of numbers.

Building the Community

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New Residents


Fish in the Pond




Miles to the Freeway


Open Availability


We are mapping
out your
next home.

It's easy to start your dreams of a new home. One touch of a button and you are whisked away to create a new future in home building.

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