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Community Guidelines

Our community is growing every day, which means new guides are put in place to keep everyone knowledgeable about how our community runs. Please feel free to drop us an email about questions or concerns. Rocky Creek Estates is your home and we want everyone to feel welcomed. 


Welcome to the Neighborhood


We love our pets! We want to love your pets too! Keep in mind that your neighbor works very hard on their lawn.


Remember to pick-up after your pet and always keep your dog on a leash. Our community is pet friendly and keeping everyone safe is important, as well as the family pet. 

Gate Entry

Our welcome gates greet you as you travel to our community. If you have trouble entering the gates or have concerns about damage that occurred or issues you may have, please contact us. 

Tree Guides

We welcome plants and trees to the community. Remember to think of your neighbor and if your planting or future plant growth will effect your neighbor. It's important for our community to work together and think about your neighbor and how it will effect them as well. Please contact us with questions and check guidelines before making any decisions that may effect your neighbor or if you need approval to plant in areas within our guidelines.

Mowing Guidelines

The following Mowing Guidelines are in effect for the months of March - November (adopted in 2019).  Properties should be mowed by the first weekend of each month.


Property inspections will be held the week after first weekend of each month in which properties are expected to be mowed. If a property
is overgrown (grass or weeds above
6 inches), has any patches not mowed or does not completely mow the property in its entirety (lake lots on Red Shadow must mow the slope) an assessment will be assessed to the property owner for a forced mow by the Association.

Forced Mow Assessment

1st Force Mow 180.00

2nd Forced Mow 200.00

3rd Forced Mow 250.00

4th Forced Mow 300.00

5th Force Mow 350.00

6th Force Mow 400.00

The Pond

We are excited to have the pond in the neighborhood! The community is welcomed to fish and canoeing in the pond. Please be aware of your safety and pick-up after yourself, keeping our community nice and tidy. As a reminder please keep an eye open for kids or animals that should not be close to the water unaccompanied by an adult. We want everyone to be safe.

Keep In Touch

Cows on the alpine meadow

We welcome questions.

Our future is growing everyday and we like to hear what you're thinking. Please don't hesitate to send us an email, we are excited to keep our community working together.
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